Monthly Groups

There are currently two monthly groups running – the novelists’ group and the women’s magazines group.

If you’d  like to find out more, please contact the LWC secretary, who’ll put you in touch with organisers David Cundall (novelists) or Joanna Bucktrout (womag) if you are interested.


We gather on the second Saturday of alternate months at the Carriageworks. Members submit up to 3000 words by e-mail two weeks before the meeting. Everyone’s work is thoroughly reviewed in advance and our discussions on the day are constructive. If this sounds like hard work, it is, but it’s also very rewarding and enjoyable.


This is a group for those interested in submitting stories to women’s magazines. We meet on the first Saturday of every second month (Sept, Nov, Jan etc) at the Carriageworks. Submissions are 2000 words, sent a couple of weeks before the meeting, and feedback is constructive!