The Leeds Writers Circle tries to run three competitions a year. The competitions are open to all paid-up members of the circle, and are free to enter.

Details of the next competition are expected to be announced soon.

Please note: The Annavation Award (named in honour of Anna Sutcliffe, a longstanding member of the Writers Circle who sadly died in 2021) is presented at the discretion of the judge to one entry which, while not necessarily being a first/second/third prizewinner, shows originality and/or innovation in writing style, content, presentation or any other facet deemed pertinent by the judge.



SHORT STORY (judged by Mike Farren)

First: Philip Tempest – The Secret Pastime of Father Lambros

Second: Graeme Hall – Winterreise

Third: Jan Dominey – The Gypsy Caravan

Annavation award: Joanna Bucktrout – Tunguska Meteorite 1908

Highly Commended:

Miriam Moss – Daddy’s Clever Little Boy

From left to right: Miriam Moss, Jan Dominey, Philip Tempest, Judge Mike Farren, Graeme Hall, Joanna Bucktrout




POETRY (judged by Mark Connors)

First: Gail Mosley – Betty has her hair done
Second: Andrew Lambert – The Elf Hex
Third: Joanna Bucktrout – Dating Game
Annavation award: Su Ryder – Leo
Highly Commended:
Adelle Kirk – The Apothecary
Sunyi Dean – King Far
All the poems can be read here.

SHORT STORY (judged by Alison Lock)

First: Philip Tempest – The Red Test
Second: Mark Pennington – Vuvuzela
Third: Joanna Bucktrout – Tunguska
Annavation award: Jason – The Day I Met Myself
Highly Commended:
Pat Pickavance – Honour Killing
John Biglands – Awakening
Graeme Hall – River Crossing with Night Herons


From left to right: Joanna Bucktrout, Philip Tempest, Judge Alison Lock, Mark Pennington, Jason


DIALOGUE (judged by Mandy Sutter)

First: Rita Morrison – Back Home (extract from novel)
Second (Equal): Pat Pickavance – Janice & Emma at the Swings (extract from novel)
Second (Equal): Ian Harker – Halves
Highly Commended:
Linda Fulton – Walls made of Cardboard
Jenny Tennant-Jackson – Consultation
Peter White – Ekphrasis

From left to right: Pat Pickavance, Judge Mandy Sutter, Rita Morrison (with winner’s trophy), Linda Fulton, Ian Harker and Jenny Tennant-Jackson.

POETRY (judged by Angela Topping)

First: Gail Mosley – My Mother’s Things
Second: Stephanie Thornton – The Girl on the Bridge
Third: Andy Armitage – The Falling Man
Annavation Award:  Marg Greenwood – The bed of Machair
Highly Commended:
Gill Osborne – Continuum
Sandra Burnett – Note to Silence

SHORT STORY (judged by Martyn Bedford)

First:  David Cundall – After Farsley
Second:  Graeme Hall – A History of Chinese Tea
Third: Stephanie Thornton – Getting On
Annavation Award:  Su Ryder – Bearing It
Highly Commended:
Jason – Daddy’s Girl
Linda Fulton – Take Home A Masterpiece

Back row, left to right: Graeme Hall, David Cundall (with winner’s trophy), Judge Martyn Bedford, Jason; Front: Sue Ryder (with Annavation trophy) and Linda Fulton. (With apologies to David from the photographer for inadvertently hiding his fine features from view!)


ANYTHING GOES (judged by Andy Humphrey)

First:  Sunyi Dean – Ice Cream and English Summers
Second:  Jason – The Woman in the Shoe
Third: Peter Richardson – The Last Door
Annavation Award:  Jason Heppell
Highly Commended:
David Cundall – Wiikwemkoong

Judge Andy Humphrey (centre) with winner Sunyi Dean and third placed Peter Richardson

POETRY (judged by Sarah Corbett)

First:  Sandra Burnett – Mayday
Second:  Charlotte Eichler – Cephalophores
Third:  Emma Storr – Seascape
Annavation Award:  Peter White – A new day is not a child of midnight
Andrew Lambeth – Why the Swan
Pat Belford – Module
Gail Mosley – Single Span


MONOLOGUE (judged by Paul Ratcliffe)

First:  Andrew Lambeth
Second:  Joanna Bucktrout
Third:  Su Ryder
Highly Commended:
Ian Harker

SHORT STORY (judged by Linda Lee Welch)

First:  Peter Richardson
Second:  Linda Fulton
Third:  Ian Harker
Annavation Award: Ian Harker
Highly Commended:
Andrew Lambeth
Tony Rymer

Winner Peter Richardson pictured above with our excellent judge, Linda Lee Welch.


Winners from left to right: Andrew Lambeth (Highly Commended), Linda Fulton (Second), Ian Harker (Third plus the Annavation award) and Peter Richardson (First).


SPECULATIVE FICTION (judged by Justina Robson)

First:  Graeme Hall – Read Through
Second: Paul Al-Meshall – Nyaber
Third:  Dennis Clarkson – The Chair
Annavation Award: Sarah Dodd – The Winter Queen at the Fall of the Last Leaves
Highly Commended:
Joanne Bucktrout – The Spirit of Ymir


First:  Gail Mosley – After the Dialogue
Second: Paul Al-Meshall – Six Week Check
Third:  Anne Watson – Counting the Days
Annavation Award: Wolf White – Storm Variations
Highly Commended:
Pat Belford – Escape


First:  Graeme Hall – A Photograph, Creased
Second: Suzanne McArdle – The Forward Friend
Third:  Madeleine Ritzker – It’ll be dark soon
Annavation Award Wolf White – Altars of Memory
Highly Commended:
Olga Munroe – Thief
Gill Osborne – Ferry ‘cross the Mersey