The Leeds Writers Circle runs three competitions a year. The competitions are open to all paid-up members of the circle, and are free to enter.

The current competition is for Short Stories of up to 2,000 words, limited to one entry per member. The deadline for entries is Dec 3rd. The competition will be judged by Martyn Bedford, senior lecturer in creative writing at Leeds
Trinity University. The adjudication evening will be on Monday, Jan 14th. This is when results will be announced and members can also receive feedback from Martyn on the submitted stories. All welcome. Full details can be downloaded here.

The Annavation Award (named after veteran member Anna Sutcliffe) is presented at the discretion of the judge to one entry which, while not necessarily being a first/second/third prizewinner, shows originality and/or innovation in writing style, content, presentation or any other facet deemed pertinent by the judge.


ANYTHING GOES (judged by Andy Humphrey)

First:  Sunyi Dean – Ice Cream and English Summers
Second:  Jason Heppell – The Woman in the Shoe
Third: Peter Richardson – The Last Door
Annavation Award:  Jason Heppell
Highly Commended:
David Cundall – Wiikwemkoong

Judge Andy Humphrey (centre) with winner Sunyi Dean and third placed Peter Richardson

POETRY (judged by Sarah Corbett)

First:  Sandra Burnett – Mayday
Second:  Charlotte Eichler – Cephalophores
Third:  Emma Storr – Seascape
Annavation Award:  Peter White – A new day is not a child of midnight
Andrew Lambeth – Why the Swan
Pat Belford – Module
Gail Mosley – Single Span


MONOLOGUE (judged by Paul Ratcliffe)

First:  Andrew Lambeth
Second:  Joanna Bucktrout
Third:  Su Ryder
Highly Commended:
Ian Harker

SHORT STORY (judged by Linda Lee Welch)

First:  Peter Richardson
Second:  Linda Fulton
Third:  Ian Harker
Annavation Award: Ian Harker
Highly Commended:
Andrew Lambeth
Tony Rymer


Winner Peter Richardson pictured above with our excellent judge, Linda Lee Welch.


Winners from left to right: Andrew Lambeth (Highly Commended), Linda Fulton (Second), Ian Harker (Third plus the Annavation award) and Peter Richardson (First).


SPECULATIVE FICTION (judged by Justina Robson)

First:  Graeme Hall – Read Through
Second: Paul Al-Meshall – Nyaber
Third:  Dennis Clarkson – The Chair
Annavation Award: Sarah Dodd – The Winter Queen at the Fall of the Last Leaves
Highly Commended:
Joanne Bucktrout – The Spirit of Ymir


First:  Gail Mosley – After the Dialogue
Second: Paul Al-Meshall – Six Week Check
Third:  Anne Watson – Counting the Days
Annavation Award: Wolf White – Storm Variations
Highly Commended:
Pat Belford – Escape


First:  Graeme Hall – A Photograph, Creased
Second: Suzanne McArdle – The Forward Friend
Third:  Madeleine Ritzker – It’ll be dark soon
Annavation Award Wolf White – Altars of Memory
Highly Commended:
Olga Munroe – Thief
Gill Osborne – Ferry ‘cross the Mersey